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Daniel Carrillo

Dream Maker

Member Since 2013

Daniel Carrillo has a very special skill set and he has experience of a lot of different situations in which he can solve. He has been in a lot of scenarios that have accumulated in wisdom and most accurate problem solving.

Pax / Dream Maker Representative:
Daniel has gone to the grand canyon to help the school of Supai for 3 days and how them the way of pax.

Presenter, CADCA Conference
Daniel has gone to CADCA to present and get informed by the CADCA organization.

Volunteer & Trainee:
Daniel has been invited to trainings by the Yakima Youth Summit twice, and has volunteered to paint a school playground.

I am a dream maker because it makes me relate to most of the people in my community. I have made a lot friendships because i am a dream maker and because i am a dream maker it has helped me to solve problems easier  because my experience as a dream maker.