National Leadership Forum 2017

Two members of the Dream Makers (Jayenell L., Francisco T) are currently in Washington DC to bring back ideas to help teens stop marijuana addiction, drug use, and many more. To bring awareness is by starting to communicate with the adults on what is happening in our community as well telling them how they can make a huge impact just by watching out for those who need help. Today, February  Monday January 6th the two members are attending workshops in order to learn about other communities in need and how we can use similar techniques. Tuesday, Dream Makers will attending adult and teen training sessions to help improve our hospitality and community. Wednesday Francisco and Jayenell will have a chance to meet Senator Maria Elaine Cantwell. Senator Cantwell is the junior United States Senator from Washington, Also Senator Murray, Patricia Lynn “Patty” Murray is the senior United States Senator from the State of Washington, and Senate Newhouse. Thursday both the Dream Makers and Empowered will be presenting how Dream Makers grew and how much we have helped the community.

  • February 06, 2017
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