White Swan Dream Makers Develop Communications Plan with Empowered Ideas

A Day of Training,

Today, we have the pleasure of working with Empowered Ideas, a marketing and communications firm from North Carolina. We learned how to make a website (the one you’re reading right now!). We have also learned about how our group can be better known in the community, and even noticed by other communities outside of White Swan.

As a group, we learned how to grow together, and are proud of the family we’ve made up of friends and peers. Not only have we been educated, but we’ve also learned how to drive our group to success in our community.

We learned that anything you post on the internet will always be on the internet, no matter how many times you delete it, it’s possible that it will always be saved *somewhere* on the internet — just like our impact and success will be stored in your heart and brain, FOREVER.

— Priscila Suarez, Jayenell Lee,and Francisco Tzintzun

  • May 08, 2015
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