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Our Mission: Why We Love White Swan

We are students, athletes, friends and volunteers who care about our families and community. As the leaders of today and tomorrow, we strive to preserve our traditions. Anything that makes us less than who we are, is not for us, especially marijuana.

Being Above the Influence is about staying true to yourself and not letting negative influences get to you. Although some laws around us may be changing, marijuana is still illegal, and its use has risks. Help us stay Above the Influence by reducing the negative influences around us so we can focus on making our community a better place.

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Helping Our Community

We believe that White Swan should be a safe and healthy community, and we try our best to assist people in need of help.

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Suicide Prevention

We love our neighbors and we are here for you. You are not alone, if you’re in need of assistance, please reach out for help. You have a voice, because we are here to speak for those who cannot.

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What Does “Above the Influence” Mean?

Every person’s life is unique… we choose to not let drugs and alcohol ruin our opportunities for a successful life, and we don’t want it to ruin yours.

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Substance Abuse Prevention

Be your own swan, and take pride in our healthy community. We are above the influence because we are not alone in our cause.